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How to Control Anger and Keep Calm – Hindi Poem

How to control anger when you are faced with criticism and bad words. Read this Hindi poem with English translation to find out. More Inspirational poems… A poem by Manas Madrecha that advocates anger management and advises how to keep calm by keeping our futile rage aside and focusing on being happy indifferently.

An interesting gossip always pricks up our ears. And when the gossip is about us, the fascination to absorb each word of the talk knows no bounds. Nevertheless, there are no rosy talks about us each and every time and the bleak rasping words tend to dishearten or infuriate us. Here is a Hindi poem by Manas Madrecha that advocates how to control anger by anger management and advises on how to keep calm by keeping our futile rage aside and focusing on being happy indifferently.

क्रोध पर हिन्दी कविता

शब्द पवन के झोंकें

अभद्र बात कह दें ‘मानस’, तो कोई बड़ी वो बात नहीं।
भले बुरे अपशब्द सही, होना पर आघात नहीं।।

सुन एक कर्ण से गप ‘मानस’, दूजे से देना निकाल।
दिल पर न लेकर अपने, संयम की देना मिसाल।।

निज का संतुलन खो देते, उग्र किमर्थं हम होके।।
व्यर्थ बुरा क्यूँ माने ‘मानस’, केवल शब्द पवन-झोंकें।

लघु बात को बनाना मेरु, ‘मानस’ कहाँ समझदारी।
अहम् लाना हर बात में, हुई गुम कहाँ प्रज्ञा सारी।।

बातें तो बस बातें हैं, रखना याद ये बात सदा।
भूल कर भी मत ‘मानस’ तुम, होना क्रोधाविष्ठ कदा।।

© मानस मादरेचा की कविता

Krodh par Hindi Kavita

Shabd Pawan Ke Jhonke

Abhadra baat keh de ‘Manas’, toh koi badi voh baat nahi;
Bhale bure apshabd sahi, honaa par aaghaat nahi…

Sun ek karna se gap ‘Manas’, dooje se denaa nikaal;
Dil par na lekar apne, sanyam ki denaa misaal…

Nij ka santulan kho dete, ugra kimartham hum hoke;
Vyarth buraa kyun maane ‘Manas’, keval shabd pawan-jhonke…

Laghu baat ka banaanaa meru, ‘Manas’ kahaan samjhdaari;
Aham laana har baat mein, huyi gum kaha pragyaa saari…

Baate toh bas baate hain, rakhnaa yaad yeh baat sadaa;
Bhool kar bhi mat ‘Manas’ tum, honaa krodhaavishth kadaa…

© Manas Madrecha ki Kavita

English poem on Anger

Words are Whiffs of the Wind

If you are spoken discourteously, then know it to be no big deal.
Let the words be virtuous, awful, or abusive, but you don’t get bruised!

By one ear, you may hear a gossip and you may purge it from the other.
By not taking some talk to heart, set a paradigm of self-control.

Why do lose your self’s poise? Why do you become tempestuous (furious)?
Why do you unnecessarily feel bad? Words are merely whiffs of the wind.

Where lies the wisdom in making a mountain out of a molehill?
Where have all your reason gone missing, that you bring ego in everything?

Gossips are merely gossips – do remember this thing always.
O Human, may you never ever get gripped by anger even by mistake!

© Poem by Manas Madrecha

By Manas Madrecha

Manas Madrecha is an Indian poet, author and Chartered Accountant from Mumbai, with a keen interest in poetry, storytelling, and Jainism.

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