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The day it doesn’t matter how you look, is the day you feel the most beautiful. Manas Madrecha

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“Oh, you are looking beautiful today!” One such remark, and it makes your day. How we long to get admired! But, conversely, when someone frowns upon your dress or hair or countenance, it’s like you plunge into the deepest hole of depressive disorder. We all love to look lovely and beautiful, but why is that we need others to validate our loveliness?

Who defines your beauty?

There is nothing wrong in being appreciated and getting delighted, but WANTING someone to acknowledge your beauty is stupidity. Why does it even matter if some beloved one or even a stranger comments positively or negatively on your looks? You carry your own beauty. Their critical assertions on your superficies should not affect your mood levels at all.

How to be beautiful?

First of all, it’s YOUR appearance. Have an appealing glamour. Elegantly dress yourself. Wear beautiful apparels to accentuate your fashion. Have a graceful personality. Also, don’t forget to put on the most valuable ornament: Smile. Present yourself in the most pleasing manner. But afterwards, how you are being seen isn’t in your control. You simply BE, who you ARE.

If you muse contemplatively, you will discern that either you can be dazzlingly gorgeous or moderately comely or hideously ugly. But, it’s your choice. Because, you are beautiful, not by how you look, but by what you think of you how look. After all, beauty is a state of mind. And definitely when you choose to be the former one, then don’t pay heed to what others have to gossip on your looks.

When can you look beautiful?

It’s great if compliments about your looks bring joy for you. But to subconsciously WANT someone to express their acquiescence on your looks, showcases your low self-esteem. Remember that, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, no matter who ratifies it or not .

The day it doesn’t matter how you look, is the day you feel the most beautiful…

Manas Madrecha

Bhala Ho (Stay Blessed)

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Manas Madrecha
Manas Madrecha is an Indian poet, author, and Chartered Accountant based in Mumbai, India.

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