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Chase your dreams and go after your goals fearlessly

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Chase your dreams, follow your passion, go after your goals. How to overcome society's expectations and why should you chase your dreams fearlessly? Can you do that without any fear?

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50 Chase Dreams Follow Passion Life Choice Quotes Girl Pink Hair Flowing Freedom Achieve Goals Success Quotes Manas Madrecha


How to go chase your dreams and go after your goals? In life, you get a choice: you can accept whatever life gives you or you can carve your own niche in life. You do the ability to set yourself on a path that you have always wanted to walk upon. Most importantly, the earlier you realise why should you chase your dreams, the better you can plan for the journey. Going after your aspirations is more important than fulfilling other’s expectations. Isn’t there an unsurpassed contentment in fulfiling your dreams regardless of others?

Firstly, our dreams are said to be impossible and we are expected to fulfil the greedy expectations of others. Mostly it is the greedy society and sometimes even our close ones. However, to be happy in a true sense, it’s important for an individual like you to chase your dreams. It’s equally important not to be a part of any blind race or merely try to reach other people’s expectation level.

50 Chase Dreams Follow Passion Life Choice Quotes Girl Pink Hair Flowing Freedom Achieve Goals Success Quotes Manas Madrecha
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Guest post by Aparna Sharma:-

Some people have been unkind. If I say I want to grow as an actress, they look at my figure. If I say I want to develop, to learn my craft, they laugh. Somehow they don’t expect me to be serious about my work.

Marilyn Monroe

The above quote is by the greatest of all figures whom all of us admire and follow to date. This Marilyn Monroe’s quote encapsulates the gist of what our life is made up of. We are a bunch of people trying to chase our dreams and aspirations. Yet we are underestimated, looked down upon or discouraged by a bunch of some negative people.

So, now let us analyse how can you chase your dreams and what can you do to never stifle them for the sake of society’s opinion.

Chase your passion

Nowadays, the general scenario what we see is a herd race going among the millennials. Parents too are an important part of that race. Rather than being taught to listen to their hearts, the little kids are supposedly asked to shove aside their life’s aspirations and passions . If a child aspires to become a professional photographer like in the iconic movie 3 Idiots, the father asks him to become a doctor. Similarly, if a boy aspires to become a belly dancer, the society labels it as a blot on his masculinity.

A person who wants to live independently and fulfil his goals is just dumped in the dustbin. Moreover, individuals become victims of the selfish needs of parents and useless expectations of others who want to see him or her in a different role.

The general scenario of not just the 21st century but also the eras bygone is such, where even if you try to step out of the common professional expectations, you are asked to shut up and do whatever you are asked to and that’s going on till date. This outlook is very worrying as it hinders the successful growth of people and puts them to dump all creativity and new ideas.

Hindrances to chase your dreams

In a short movie released a few years back, a young girl is shown who aspires to become Sunny Leone. Obviously, the concept of the movie was bold, yet it talked about how parents try to create lines between what is good and what is bad to do, so as to earn a livelihood.

Parental controls and demands

Parents devise their own ways to torture kids mentally and emotionally, by forcing them to do things the latter don’t want to do. If a child wants to choose Humanities in college, he or she is shushed because it will be like opting something inferior.

Parents go all the way to fulfil their left-out goals in life which they couldn’t accomplish during their times through their children. But what is important to realize as a person is that, we only have one life . If we don’t stand up for what we want to do, our life is a waste.

On the other hand, had Sachin Tendulkar’s parents asked him to do what his parents expected, he wouldn’t have been “The Sachin Tendulkar” today.

Thus, it’s important to follow your ideas rather than others’ expectations.

Why should you chase your dreams?

Individual Satisfaction of achievement

Another important point to be noted is that people who do what they want to, are usually more accomplished, successful, merry, and satisfied in their lives. Look at all the amazing dancers, chefs, singers, writers, and poets. Be it Michael Jackson, Adele, JK Rowling, Rupi Kaur, Vikas Khanna or the like.

They dreamt something, followed their dreams, and are now famous . It’s just as simple as eating your favourite ice cream. Don’t eat what you don’t like.

Self Excellence

If you don’t fall in the trap of listening to others and completing their expectations out of you, you will be the happiest and most satisfied on Earth. If your friend says that you should go with him/ her to study, or your faraway relatives ask you to follow their daughter or son, don’t listen. Just keep following your heart and art!

You will excel and rock!

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Don’t regret following your dreams

Do you have any regrets in life? Or did you just didn’t do what you wanted to, so you repent now?

Go after your dreams

Well, the solution to all your idle regrets in life is to follow your aspirations and wishes. It’s not just about career-oriented wishes, but simply the general wishes or dreams we have. This includes your wish to go for trekking, adventure sports, plan a destination wedding, or anything of that sort.

Chase your goals unabashedly

The secret formula to get ultimate bliss in life is to chase your wishes like a mouse. The world is going to stop you, censure your acts, and all. But remember one thing, that you live only once and die also once. You have the complete freedom to do whatever that you want in between that gap. People may speak ill of you initially when you will start working on achieving your dreams.

But, just don’t worry! Because the sky is the limit!

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—by Aparna Sharma

About Aparna Sharma: I have been fond of writing my thoughts down since childhood, though I didn’t realize when this hobby turned into a passion. I have just started my professional writing career and I also have a blog on Wrytin with a different pen name.


This is a guest post by Aparna Sharma. The thoughts and views expressed by the author are her own. Certain modifications have been made by me for the sake of brevity and structuring. If you too want to share your guest post on the blog (over 2 lakh views), you are most welcome to contact me. 💖

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