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Shimmer in the Sky - Short Story on Perceptions

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short story on lightning, thriller story on perspective, perception story on how different people see things differently



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Thriller story

A scientist in his laboratory had his eye fixed at his telescope. Just then, there was a shimmer in the sky, lasting only for a fraction of a second. He was enthralled by his latest discovery. All his calculations and life-long wait had finally yielded result. He always believed that a meteor would pass at that time, but no one from the scientific community believed him. Now all of them would have to bow to his intelligence. Odds were there that the meteor might be known by his name ‘Kevin’ for the ages to come. Enthralled by his latest achievement he shouted at the top of his voice, This is the best moment in the history of science.

Ocean couple

Several hundred miles away, in the midst of an ocean, a cruise liner was sailing in the blue waters. A newly wedded couple was standing on a deck, gazing at the moonless sky. Just then, there was a shimmer in the sky only for a fraction of a second.

“Wow, How beautiful! Aren’t we the luckiest, to view the most romantic moment ever,” exclaimed both in unison.

They kissed passionately and vouched for the immortality of their love and went to their suite happily.


Several hundred miles away, at the frontier of a country, a troop of soldiers were in hiding. They were surrounded by the enemy from all sides. They were to wait there till dawn for reinforcements to arrive. Darkness was their only ally.

Just then, there was a shimmer in the sky, lasting only for a fraction of a second. And all their hopes failed them. They were spotted. A shower of lead flew at them and all that was to hear was gunshots.

The valiant men were dead and all of them used their last breath to curse the shimmering sky.

Student Child

Several hundred miles away, a troubled ten-year old was standing at the balcony of his room. Tomorrow, he has to take a math test at school, a subject which had truly earned his hatred.

Just then, there was a shimmer in the sky, lasting only for a fraction of a second. A shooting star grants wishes, he remembered. His mom had told him so yesterday. He wished that his exam would go well.

Happiness returned to his once sad face as he now had reason to be sure that his test would go well. He went back to his room singing in a cheerful voice, “Daddy will buy me a video game”.

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Several hundred miles away, a farmer was watching his harvest intently. After many years his land had yielded such a bountiful crop. He could see his sweat blooming in the farm. A smile of content was there on his face.

Just then, there was a shimmer in the sky, lasting only for a fraction of a second. And there was no harvest left, neither the farm, nor the farmer.

All that was left there was a crater and acres of barren land for scientists to study the effects of ‘Kevin’ on earth.

© by Ashutosh Pandey, from popular Facebook page: The Anonymous Writer

Manas Madrecha
Manas Madrecha is an Indian poet, author, and Chartered Accountant based in Mumbai, India.

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