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Dear Diary - Amazing Story on Perspectives

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Dear Diary is a story that entwines around an estranged relationship between a mother and son. Why is the mother so cruel? Or is she? Read this amazing story to know more.



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Dear Diary is a story that entwines around an estranged relationship between a mother and son. Why is the mother so cruel? Or is she? Read this amazing story to know more.

Part 1

20th July, 2014 (10:00 PM)
~ by Chirag

Dear Diary,

Today was no different from any other day. As usual, Mom had a huge fight with Dad. She shouted at him, and Dad refrained. The Superman toy Dad gifted me, Mom broke it into pieces with all her wrath.

I had no audacity to intervene in their blatant conversation, else Mom would slap me, or maim me again. Like she had done the last time when Dad got me a lavish beverage. Hence, I went to school with a hard smile on my lips; a sham, once again.

During the morning assembly, I was called on the stage. Principal Ma’am, my teachers, and all the students sang “Happy Birthday” for me. I turned thirteen today . But Mom had forgotten to wish me. My friends asked me what time I’d cut my birthday cake at the evening party. They also wanted to know what special I brought for lunch. Mom had packed chapatis with pickle. She was in a hurry. She has a job. Once, when she was humming a lullaby, she told me how strict her boss was. She worked night shifts those days.

Dad made dinner today, as Mom was busy. But he was upset because I couldn’t cherish my birthday gift that he had given me. Mom lied to me. She said she was busy at work today, but she had been somewhere else. Rajan, my friend told me he had seen her on the road.

I love Dad more than Mom. She is always angry and working. She even left me all alone on the road yesterday. Dad talks to me, he gets me gifts and loves me too.

Part 2

20th July, 2014 (10:00 PM)

~ by Mother Rani

Dear Diary,

Today was Chirag’s birthday. I didn’t wish him. How could I? On the very morning of his birthday, his father ended up doing something utterly silly. I had earned money to pay for his school fees, but he got him a useless toy instead. He is the biggest blunder of my life. Chirag has no idea that he’ll soon be out of his school. The little money that I had earned the previous month, his father spent that on whiskey bottles. I won’t spare him for that.

In fact, he tried to offer Chirag a sip of taste. I could not stop Chirag from doing so. So I had to injure him to teach him the do’s and the dont’s. We have no money now. That monster gave away all my earnings in his games of cards. I want to raise Chirag in a good environment. I can’t give him a good family, but I sure can give him a good education. So, I’m working double time now. But it’s no use. With my growing age, I attract few customers now.

The pimp also deducted my wage today, because I couldn’t reach on time. Also, he received a complaint against me. Yesterday, an old customer caught a glimpse of me on the road. He called me the name which I use at work. Chirag isn’t aware of any of this. So, I had to rush from there.

I also had to lie to Chirag today. I didn’t go to work, but to the hospital, for one more abortion. That was harsh. I don’t talk much to my son, fearing he would ask me about my profession . He is too young to face the sullen realities of life. I’ll be strict with him and will never ever let him become someone like his monstrous father.

© by Harshita Kataria, from popular Facebook page: The Anonymous Writer

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