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Hindi Poem on Obstacles: Thorns of the path: पथ के काँटे मन के भ्रम

Hindi Poem on Obstacles: Thorns of the path: पथ के काँटे मन के भ्रम

In life, we may come across many obstacles that may seem daunting for us to overcome. However, in this motivational Hindi poem on obstacles, we need to remember that any hindrance on the path of success is just so because we think so. The motivation behind persisting no matter what and achieving our goals lies in the fact that the thorns on our path are mere illusions of the mind. They can’t harm us or stifle our growth if we do not allow them to.

In this inspirational Hindi poem on obstacles “पथ के काँटे” (Thorns of the path), I have reiterated the need for self-confidence, perseverance and to be fearless in our pursuit of happiness. Failures are nothing, if we remember that we have the strength to get up and try once again. Have the ardor to take efforts and reach your destination. There is no reason to lose hope. For you are a soul and in you lies the greatness of the universe. I hope you love this Hindi poem on obstacles.

Hindi Poem on Obstacles: पथ के काँटे

होगा निज पे अमिट विश्वास।
चलती है जब तक मेरी साँस।।१।।

तन-मन हैं आत्माधीन।
निरथर्क होना आशाहीन।।२।।

मानेंगे न कदापि हार।
करने हैं सपने साकार।।३।।

मंजिल पर अनिमेष नज़र।
मिटा दिया सर्वस्व डर।।४।।

मत देखो चलने की गति।
गर राजित उर में नेक मति।।५।।

विफलता से मत होना उदास
अब तक कर्मशक्ति तेरे पास।।६।।

लघुविघ्नों से मत हो तंग।
नभ छूने की रखो उमंग।।७।।

न हो हे निर्भीक! तू नरम।
केवल मनस्विता मरहम।।८।।

मत भूल कितना ‘मानस’ सक्षम।
तव प्रगल्भता ही तव धरम।।९।।

तरणित्व रख उरुविक्रम।
पथ के काँटे मन के भ्रम।।१०।।

English Transliteration: Path ke kaante

See the English transliteration

Hogaa neej pe ameet vishwas
Chalti hain jab tak meri saans.

Tan-man hain aatmaadheen
Nirarthak honaa ashaheen

Maanenge na kadaapi haar
Karne hain sapne saakaar

Manzil par animesh nazar
Mitaa diya sarvasva dar

Mat dekho chalne ki gati
Gar raajit ur mein nek mati

Vifaltaa se mat hona udaas
Ab tak karmashakti tere paas

Kaghuvighno se mat ho tang
Nabh chhoone ki rakho umang.

Na ho hey nirbheek! tu naram
Keval manasvitaa marham

Mat bhool kitna ‘Manas’ saksham
Tav pragalbhtaa hi tav dharam.

Tarnitva rakh uruvikram
Path ke kaante man ke bhram.

English Translation: Thorns of the Path

As long as I breathe, there will be an unwavering belief in myself.

The body and the mind are subservient to the soul. It’s futile to be ever lose hope.

We will never ever succumb to defeat. For we are yet to fulfill our dreams.

With a unswering gaze on the goal, I have exterminated all the fear.

Do not look at the pace of the movement, if the heart’s adorned with noble intellect.

Do not become sad with failure. You still possess the strength of action.

Do not be troubled by small obstacles. Have the passion to touch the sky.

O fearless one! Do not soften yourself. Tenacity alone is the ointment.

Do not forget how capable you are. Your bravery is what your nature is.

Keep the perseverance valiant. The thorns of the path are illusions of the mind.

~ © Manas Madrecha
Bhala ho! (Stay blessed)

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