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Vengeance is an Illusion – Hindi Poem on Revenge

Vengeance is an Illusion – Hindi Poem on Revenge

To keep ignited a burning desire to avenge some past folly committed by someone, is harmful for you alone. At any point point of time, it is better to adopt compassion over hatred. Following is a poem by Manas Madrecha, that narrates how logical it is to seek Forgiveness from others and Forgive others on your part too.

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Original Poem:

प्रतिशोध एक मिथ्या हैं

घिसी पीटी बातें हैं अब, तुम ना उलझो अतीत में।
त्याग द्वेष गर माफ़ करो, बदले शत्रु भी मीत में।।

सुलगते बदले की चिंगारी को, नहीं लगती देर बदलते आग मे।
बरसाओ क्षमा का पानी उस पर, कटुता बदले प्रेमबाग मे।।

सभी जीव हैं मित्र तुम्हारे, फिर बैरभाव का क्या प्रयोजन।
वक़्त रहते थूक दो गुस्सा, बेहतर है अपना लो संयम।।

प्रतिशोद इक मिथ्या है, मत उलझो इसके जाल में।
साजिशों और योजनाओं में, और बदले की चाल में।।

क्रोध के अँगारें रख उर में, खुद ही को जला बैठोगे।
मन की चिन्ता चित्ता समान, यह बात पुरानी भुला बैठोगे।।

देर नहीं हुई हैं अब तक, माफ़ी की एहमियत जान लो।
थोड़ा माफ़ तुम कर दो अब, और थोड़ी तुम भी माँग लो।।

© मानस मादरेचा की हिन्दी कविता

English Transliteration

Pratishod Ek Mithya Hain

Ghisi peeti baate hain ab, tum naa uljho ateet mein,
Tyaag dwesh gar maaf karo, badle shatru bhi meet mein…

Sugalte badle ki chingaari ko, nahi lagti der badalte aag mein,
Barsaao kshama ka paani us par, katutaa badle prembaag mein…

Sabhi jeev hain mitra tumhare, fir bair bhav ka kya prayojan,
Waqt rehte thook do gussa, behtar hain apna lo sanyam…

Pratishod ek mithya hain, mat uljho iske jaal mein,
Saajisho aur yojaanaao mein, aur badle ki chaal mein…

Krodh ke angaare oor mein rakh, khud hi ko jalaa baithoge…
Man ki chinta chittaa samaan, yeh baat puraani bhulaa baithoge…

Der nahi huyi hain ab tak, maafi ki ehmiyat jaan lo,
Thoda maaf tum kar do ab, aur thodi tum bhi maang lo…

© Manas Madrecha ki Hindi kavita

English Translation

Vengeance is an Illusion

Begone and ancient thing it is, you don’t get indulged in the past,
By abandoning hatred, if you forgive (someone), then even an enemy gets transformed into a friend.

It doesn’t take much time for a burning vengeance of cinder to change into fire,
Pour the water of forgiveness onto it, and even bitterness will change into garden of love.

All the beings are friends of yours, then what is the use of aversion?
In time, spit away your anger, and it’s better to adopt temperance (sobriety/control).

Vengeance is an illusion, don’t get entwined in its trap,
In its conspiracies & plans, as well as in its schemes.

By keeping the burning coals of anger in heart, you will burn yourself alone,
Mind’s worry is like a crematory pyre: you’ll forget this ancient wisdom.

It’s not too late still; know the significance of forgiveness,
You should now forgive a little and you should also ask for it a little…

© Poem by Manas Madrecha

About The Author

Manas Madrecha

Manas Madrecha is an Indian poet, blogger and Chartered Accountant, with a keen interest in poetry, storytelling, and Jainism.


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  2. Manas Madrecha

    Thanks a lot, Abhishek 😀 Stay connected with the blog!

  3. Abhishek Patil

    Wow! Itz true dat 1 must not keep hatred n forgive every1. Good work

  4. Sakshi

    Beautiful poem



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