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Wake up, Young Man – Hindi Poem on Morning

Wake up, Young Man – Hindi Poem on Morning

No part of the day is as beautiful as the daybreak when the sun creeps languidly over the horizon with its luscious crimson rays and begins to embellish the world asleep in morbid darkness. Following is a poem on morning by Manas Madrecha that portrays the ubiquitous contrast between today’s hectic man and the wholesome nature with respect to priorities and preferences of life.

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Original Poem:

जाग, तरुण!

सुदूर प्राची के रक्त क्षितिज पर, हो रहा दिनकर उदय।
छा रहा आलोक नभ पर, खग विहारे ‘मानस’ निर्भय।।

जाग रहे है समस्त जीव, शरण शयन-देवी की त्याग।
मनुज उबासी ले रहा, रोजमर्रा की सोचके भाग।।

तरु खा रहें हिचकोले, शरारतें कर रहा समीर।
मनुज करवटें बदल रहा, देख घड़ी के दोनों तीर।।

प्रकृति के खुल रहें हैं चक्षु, सुकेत के करने दर्शन।
देर से सोया पूर्व निशा, मसल रहा अब नर नयन।।

पृष्ठ पहाड़ के निकल रहा, हौले से ‘मानस’ दिव्य अरुण।
दहलीज़ पे आकर उषा खड़ी, निकलो रजाई से तरुण।।

© मानस मादरेचा की हिन्दी कविता

Transliteration into English:

Jaag, Tarun!

Sudoor prachi ke rakt kshitij par, ho raha dinkar uday;
Chhaa raha aalok nabh par, khag vihaare ‘Manas’ nirbhay…

Jaag rahe hain samast jeev, sharan shayan-devi ki tyaag;
Manuj ubaasi le raha, rojmarra ki sochke bhaag…

Taru khaa rahe hichkole, sharaaraten kar raha sameer;
Manuj karwaten badal raha, dekh ghadi ke dono teer…

Prakruti ke khul rahe hain chakshu, suket ke karne darshan;
Der se soyaa poorva nisha, masal raha ab nar nayan…

Prushth pahaad ke nikal raha, haule se ‘Manas’ divya arun;
Dehleez pe aakar usha khadi, niklo rajaai se tarun…

© Manas Madrecha ki Hindi kavita

Translation in English

Wake up, Young Man!

Afar on the red horizon of the east, the sun is rising. Light’s spreading over the sky; and the fearless bird is gliding..

Every being is waking up, abandoning the recourse of Sleep-Goddess. Yet, the Human is still yawning, thinking of every-day’s mess…

As the Wind is playing mischief, the Trees are joggling. But looking at the two hands of clock, (in bed) the Human is tossing!

Eyes of the Nature are opening up, in order to behold the Sun. But he had slept late last night; now rubbing off his own eyes is the Human…

Unhurriedly from behind the hill, the divine sun is mounting. Do come out of the quilt, O Young Man; on arriving at the doorstep, Dawn is awaiting…

© Hindi poem by Manas Madrecha

About The Author

Manas Madrecha

Manas Madrecha is an Indian poet, writer and motivator, with a vision to engage with millions.

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