Manas Madrecha blog testimonials

I (Manas Madrecha) started my blog (previously named Simplifying Universe) in May 2015.

Here are some of the appreciative remarks the blog received over time, either on Whatsapp or Facebook or even personally.
The compliments are arranged chronologically…

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Manas Madrecha with office colleagues in December 2016, Mulund (Mumbai, India)


Palak Gupta

Loved it! ❀

Palak Gupta – 21 Aug 2016 – for Wake up young man Hindi Poem on Morning

Gauri Wayal

What an article! 😘
You fantastically pen down routine things happening with everyone. I’ve no word to comment on your blogs.
You must publish your work. ❀
Whenever you publish your 1st book, give me a special signed copy.
Commendable work! πŸ‘Œ

Gauri Wayal – 10 Jun 2016 – upon reading 7 Life Lessons you can learn from Reading

CA Fiji Denny

Your “All Men are Dogs” story was πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

CA Fiji Denny – 9 Jun 2016, Thane – for All Men are Dogs Thriller Story

CA Kajal Vora

kajal vora, girl in jeans, black top blue jeans girl, nature girl, garden girl

I read your blogs… They were really good. And yeah, I could relate my life issues with it…
So thanks and keep writing!

CA Kajal Vora – Mumbai, 23 May 2016 via Instagram

Sahil Sahane

O’ Kavi Manas, I dore thy work,
Nice words woven by thy pen,
Nights are not so dark anymore
But a source of inspiration again!
Very well written!
Keep it up!

Sahil Sahane – 16 Feb 2016, Thane for – Darkness of Night English Poem


Jennifer Fernandes

Dude, amazing!
Loved the suspense.

Jennifer Fernandes – 18 Nov 2015, Thane – for All Men are Dogs Thriller Story

Bharati Nahar

Great post (I Love you, Gandhi!)
By the way, I read many short stories on your blog; every story was getting amazing than the other!
All Men are Not Dogs” is heart wrenching, but beautifully written.
Also, Rakshabandhan story, left me smiling at the end!

Bharati Nahar – 3 Oct 2015

Devrath Kadam

I just read your story! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ amazing!

Devrath Kadam – 2 Oct 2015, Thane – for All Men are dogs Thriller Story

CA Janhavi Phondge

Interesting and touching story!

CA Janhavi Phondge – 9 Sep 2015, Mumbai – for All Men are dogs Thriller Story

CA Dhanashree Talekar

Dhanashree Talekar, indian girl, girl in blue dress, girl blue selfie, girl with bindi

Hey Manas! I read your blogs; those are awesome! Seriously, each and every blog is amazing! And the best thing which I liked of all is your thinking! Looking at you, I never thought you are so thoughtful! Seriously I liked it! I kept reading those again and again! And the one post about teenage girl – I liked it the most!So thanks and keep writing!

Dhanashree Talekar – 17 Aug 2015, Mumbai for Bharat Mata Ki Jai Poem

Bhoomi Rajgor

~ Bhoomi Rajgor