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Together – Love Story of Acid Attack Victim

My face was marred by the gruesome acid attack. After that, I was the cynosure of all eyes everywhere I went. I started working at a florist’s shop, thus trying to camouflage myself in the myriad of colorful flowers. That...

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A Message from Father to Son – Hindi Poem

At any point in life, a venerable advice does wonders. One must always stay vigilant of the company we keep and and how far we need to travel to reach our destination yet. Following is a poem by CA Ashok Madrecha, father of...

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Shimmer in the Sky – Short Story on Perceptions

A scientist in his laboratory had his eye fixed at his telescope. Just then, there was a shimmer in the sky, lasting only for a fraction of a second. He was enthralled by his latest discovery. All his calculations and life-long...

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The Rainbow of Fear – Short Story on Fear

They got off the car, all of them, brimming with excitement. Their friend was waiting, tickets in hand. They had planned this long ago, but schedules had clashed. Until this moment. They knew what was in store for them for the...

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