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Superheroes don’t exist – Inspirational Story

As we grow up, we cut wings of our imagination and form rigid opinions that in turn becomes dogma of your life. Here’s an inspirational story by Manas Madrecha that hopes to rekindle your belief and make you acquaint with...

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Remnants of Reminiscence – English Poem on Past

Introduction The passionate journey of recollecting the past often brings a smile upon our face. Probably our yesteryears and their associated memories are the only things that can stay with us forever if we choose to keep them...

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In the Courts of Love – Hindi Poem

When love is dipped with romance and longing, the attachments that accompany it, often results in foolishness or hopelessness. Following is a poem on love by Manas Madrecha that describes the plight of couples into which they fall after falling in love.

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Rakhi – A Story of Brother and Sister

On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, a festival celebrated to rekindle love between brother and sister, Manas Madrecha presents a story with drama genre, that spans over decades as the two gets busy with their own lives.

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I Fell In Love With You – Love Story

As I opened the window, the wet gush of wind soaked me, and I ceded myself to the drizzling shower that entered my bedroom lazily. Absent mindedly I allowed the cool droplets to fall on my face, as I closed my eyes and the mind...

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Together – Love Story of Acid Attack Victim

My face was marred by the gruesome acid attack. After that, I was the cynosure of all eyes everywhere I went. I started working at a florist’s shop, thus trying to camouflage myself in the myriad of colorful flowers. That...

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A Message from Father to Son – Hindi Poem

At any point in life, a venerable advice does wonders. One must always stay vigilant of the company we keep and and how far we need to travel to reach our destination yet. Following is a poem by CA Ashok Madrecha, father of...

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