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Chase your dreams and go after your goals fearlessly

Chase your dreams, follow your passion, go after your goals. How to overcome society’s expectations and why should you chase your dreams fearlessly?

Thriller Story

Who am I? – Short Story on Resolutions

We decide our resolutions and pledge certain things to our self. But with the passage of time, how many of us stick to them? Here’s a self-reflecting story by Tenzin Cheda

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Value of Life – Inspirational Story

Every being is exclusive because no one can imitate your character. Your distinction lies in your ability to be unparalleled. Cherish the fact that you are neither alike nor different than one another, for your personality is disparate and one of its own kind. The value of life is an inspirational story that focuses on […]

Inspirational Story

Mahatma Gandhi 2020: Short Story on Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi was an immortal soul born in India to transfigure the entire humanity by propagating the age-old principles of Truth and non-violence. Here is a story by Manas Madrecha that will make you realize how people look upon Mahatma Gandhi in the modern sense.

Inspirational Poem

To Fulfill Great Dreams – Hindi Poem on dreams

Small aim is a crime. Here is a Hindi poem that elucidates on having great ambitions and being ready to become exclusive. To dream big, is the first step towards attaining magnificence in life.