Inspirational Story

I Matter, No Matter What! – Inspirational story on weight of snowflake

We have been told sometimes to limit our vision. But how others judge you, is secondary. First, you judge yourself with optimism in you. Because, you matter!

Love Story

She’s just some young girl – Short Story for Teenagers

Indubitably, teenage is the most exciting phase in any person’s life. What makes it so special is the carefree attitude, remarkable friendship with our classmates, endless hangouts with our exceptional gang, comprising of “Best Friends Forever”, and yes, insipid infatuation, often termed as “True Love”. It becomes more amazing when one has a substantial popularity […]

Inspirational Thought

Success: 5 Advice that will definitely make you successful

Encompass these 5 advice by Manas Madrecha and success will be byproduct of your karma.