Love Story

It’s All About Love – Beautiful Love Story

And he ran away before she could see him crying. He was a man enough to not let his tears ruin the red lipstick mark on his cheek.

Inspirational Story

The Judge – Story on double standards

Double standards are not uncommon in modern world wherein exists variety of clamorous people asserting their right to freedom with perceptible self-determination. But these torch-bearers of freedom of expression, belief and life, are the first ones to scowl when someone does exercise this right. It’s okay for these people to put forth their demands but […]

Inspirational Poem

Poem on Past Memories: Remnants of Reminiscence

The passionate journey of recollecting the past often brings a smile upon our face. Probably our foregone years and their associated memories are the only things that can stay with us forever if we choose to keep them alive. But the thing with memories is that they turn into nostalgia unless remembered from time to […]

Thriller Story

All Men are Dogs – Thriller Story

Chapter 1 It was late midnight. My car had broken down all of a sudden; I was stranded at the strange place, all alone. With each passing minute, my hope to get some assistance was wavering like the intermittent road light that was illuminating the spooky street. I tried to contact my co-workers, but, the […]

Love Poem

In the Courts of Love – Hindi Poem

When love is dipped with romance and longing, the attachments that accompany it, often results in foolishness or hopelessness. Following is a poem on love by Manas Madrecha that describes the plight of couples into which they fall after falling in love.