Jain Paryushan 2020: Micchami Dukkadam meaning

As per Jainism, the importance of forgiveness can never be overemphasized, and Paryushan, the holiest period in Jain religion, is a festival of repentance, soul-searching, atonement and most importantly, forgiveness. So, know about three wonderful Jain sutras that seek forgiveness from all and forgive all.

Love Story

She’s just some young girl – Short Story for Teenagers

Indubitably, teenage is the most exciting phase in any person’s life. What makes it so special is the carefree attitude, remarkable friendship with our classmates, endless hangouts with our exceptional gang, comprising of “Best Friends Forever”, and yes, insipid infatuation, often termed as “True Love”. It becomes more amazing when one has a substantial popularity […]

Inspirational Poem

Vengeance is an Illusion – Hindi Poem on Revenge

To keep ignited a burning desire to avenge some past folly committed by someone, is harmful for you alone. At any point point of time, it is better to adopt compassion over hatred. Following is a poem by Manas Madrecha, that narrates how logical it is to seek Forgiveness from others and Forgive others on your part too.