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Loneliness – Hindi Poem on Moon – चाँद पर हिन्दी कविता

Hindi poem on Moon with English meaning. Why is the moon so beautiful? Is moon happy or lonely? Read this famous hindi poem on moon by Manas Madrecha.

Hindi poem on Moon

The beauty of moon is beyond words, especially when it shines alone in a dark nightsky. Here is a Hindi poem on Moon by Manas Madrecha that tries to strike a conversation with the Moon, imagining her to be woman who is boastful of her beauty.

The enticing allure of Moon is an epitome of many metaphors. This poem on Moon in Hindi captures the irresistible pulchritude of Moon and eulogizes its charming pride that enraptures us all. But enmeshed in the black canopies of space, not unlike any damsel, even the Moon pines for someone to solace its loneliness.

In this famous Hindi poem on moon, I have imagined the Moon to be a femme fatale. As I acknowledge her beauty, the Moon showcases her conceited form and self-praises herself. But then to force some humility on her and maybe to bring her on the ground, I make her realise what an illusion her beauty is. But soon, as the conversation progesses, it’s me whom she convinces the other way around.

I hope you like the style of the poem. You can refer to the English translation provided below if you are unable to comprehend some difficult Sanskrit words. Overall, if you find this Hindi poem on Moon to be interesting, do share it with someone who you misjudged in the first meeting. Also, show your love by commenting. 💖 Enjoy the poem…

एकाकी – चाँद पर हिन्दी कविता

अस्त होते ही सूर्य के, ‘मानस’ निशा मंद छाई।
उडु टिमटिमाएँ अविराम, कौमुदी ने ली अंगड़ाई।।

रजनी की आग़ोश में, चमक रहा वो सगर्व।
हुआ अरुण अदृश्य पर, चंद्र से हैं उज्ज्वल सर्व।।

पृष्ठ देखो मेरे ‘मानस’, कितना कृष्णमयी आकाश।
इतस्ततः कुछ न उद्दीप्त, केवल मैं मेरा प्रकाश।।

किस बात का हैं इतना घमंड, पर तुम्हें ए श्वेत शशि।
त्वचा कलंकित और चुराई, रोहित से चंद्राश्मि।।

दीदार देख मेरा अनायास, प्रेमी सुमिरे प्रियतम को
नीरव ज्योत्स्ना दे सांत्वना, विरह से उद्वेलित मन को।।

सत्य कहती हो तुम इंदु, तुम्हारा हैं जायज़ अभिमान।
देख पनपे काव्य उर में, तुम्हारे तो लाखों हैं कांत।।

परिस्थिति मम, प्रेमी सम, ‘मानस’ लो इसकी झांकी।
असंख्य मेखला तारों की, तथापि रहूँ मैं एकाकी।।

© मानस मादरेचा की चाँद पर हिन्दी कविता

Chaand par Hindi Kavita

Asta hote hi surya ke, ‘Manas’ nishaa mand chhaai;
Udu timtimaaye aviraam, kaumudi ne li angdaai…

Rajni ki aagosh mein, chamak raha voh sagarva;
Huya arun adrishya par, chandra se hai ujjwal sarva…

Prushth dekho mere ‘Manas’, kitna krishnamayi akash;
Itastatah kuch na uddeept, keval main mera prakash…

Kis baat ka hain itna ghamand, par tumhe aye shwet shashi;
Twacha kalankit aur churaai, rohit se chandraashmi…

Deedar dekh mera anaayaas, premi sumire priyatam ko;
Neerav jyotsnaa, de saantvana, virah se udvelit man ko…

Satya kehti ho tum indu, tumhaara hain jaayaz abhimaan;
Dekh panpe kaavya ur mein, tumhaare toh laakho hain kaant…

Paristithi mama, premi sama, ‘Manas’ lo iski jhaankhi;
Asankhya mekhlaa taaro ki, tathapi rahu main ekaaki…

© Manas Madrecha ki Chand par Hindi Kavita

Loneliness – Hindi Poem on Moon

No sooner did the sun set, than the night leisurely cast shadows.
The stars twinkled incessantly as the Moonlight stretched herself…

In the Night’s caress, the Moon is gleaming with pride.
The sun has disappeared, but everyone is enlightened with the moon…

Behold, O Manas, behind me, the sky is so dark!
Nothing is bright hither and thither; there is only me and my light!

But what is it upon which you have so much arrogance, O white Moon?
For the surface is blemished and the moonbeam is stolen from the sun…

By seeing my sight, a lover recollects his/her beloved one unwittingly.
Silent moonlight gives consolation to a mind rendered restless by separation…

You speak the Truth, O Moon; your pride is justifiable.
By looking at you, poem conceives in heart; you indeed have millions of lovers…

My situation is like that of a lover; O Manas, do take a glimpse of it.
There are innumerable girdles of stars, then too I live in loneliness…

© Hindi Poem on moon by Manas Madrecha

By Manas Madrecha

Manas Madrecha is an Indian poet, author and Chartered Accountant from Mumbai, with a keen interest in poetry, storytelling, and Jainism.

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