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On this blog, Manas Madrecha publishes his inspirational poems, motivational articles, poems on love, thriller stories, inspirational stories that encompass wide sections of the society and world at large in Hindi and English languages. Contact him to know more.

He also writes about Jainism, the religion of non-violence, and tries to provide the literary translation of the literature from Sanskrit and Prakrit languages based on his limited knowledge about the two languages.

If you wish to submit an article of your own to be published on the blog, or become an author yourself on the blog, or wish to have a discussion of any kind (including, advertising), then you are most welcome to message him.

If you wish to review or give your esteemed suggestions, then also you are most welcome to contact him using the contact form below.

Contact Manas Madrecha and send him a message. You can also collaborate with blogger for some joint blogging. All of your feedback, opinion and suggestion is most welcome.

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