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Superheroes don’t exist – Inspirational Story

As we grow up, we cut wings of our imagination and form rigid opinions that in turn becomes dogma of your life. Here’s an inspirational story by Manas Madrecha that hopes to rekindle your belief and make you acquaint with...

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Value of your Life – Inspirational Story

Every being is exclusive because no one can imitate your character. Your distinction lies in your ability to be unparalleled. Cherish the fact that you are neither alike nor different than one another, for your personality is...

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All Men are Dogs – Thriller Story

It was late midnight. My car had broken down all of a sudden; I was stranded at the strange place, all alone. With each passing minute, my hope to get some assistance was wavering like the intermittent road light that was...

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Rakhi – A Story of Brother and Sister

On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, a festival celebrated to rekindle love between brother and sister, Manas Madrecha presents a story with drama genre, that spans over decades as the two gets busy with their own lives.

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