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Wake up, Young Man – Hindi Poem on Morning

No part of the day is as beautiful as the daybreak when the sun creeps languidly over the horizon with its luscious crimson rays and begins to embellish the world asleep in morbid darkness. Following is a Hindi poem on morning by Manas Madrecha that portrays the ubiquitous contrast between today’s hectic man and the wholesome nature with respect to priorities and preferences of life.

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Loneliness – Hindi Poem on Moon (चाँद पर हिंदी कविता)

The enticing allure of moon is an epitome of many metaphors. Here is a poem on moon by Manas Madrecha that captures the irresistible pulchritude of this femme fatale and eulogizes its charming pride that enraptures us all. But enmeshed in the black canopies of space, not unlike any damsel, even the moon pines for someone to solace its loneliness.

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First talk about your self – Hindi Poem

We often overlook our own limitations, not because we don’t pay attention to ourselves, but we are more delightfully engrossed in finding other’s. Following is a poem on self by Manas Madrecha that advises us to primarily be focused on getting one’s flaws rectified before criticizing others and be aware of how great one is. If one aspires for impeccability, then one must self-analyze and deal with own foibles rather than relish the prospect of highlighting other’s imperfections.

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In the Courts of Love – Hindi Poem

When love is dipped with romance and longing, the attachments that accompany it, often results in foolishness or hopelessness. Following is a poem on love by Manas Madrecha that describes the plight of couples into which they fall after falling in love.

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Eyes Don’t Lie – Hindi Poem

Despite being dual in number, eyes play versatile roles of expression. It is our eyes that unmasks the scripted emotions, and portrays a true picture. Following is poem by Manas Madrecha, that eulogizes the enigmatic beauty of eyes and seeks to fathom the depths of the eyes…

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As Long As I Live – Hindi Poem

Weak is the one who trembles on seeing a storm coming. Here is a poem by Manas Madrecha, that narrates how indispensable it is to have belief in oneself even in times of peril. “I can’t do it” or “I don’t have the time to do it” are mere excuses, reflecting lack of self-confidence. One must perform such marvelous actions that the entire world begin to admire your ingenuity.

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