Thriller Story

All Men are Dogs – Thriller Story

Chapter 2

It was late midnight. I was returning back to my home while driving my Audi, that had actually meant to be a gift for somebody else. The radio sang slow songs, to soothe my lonely life. Suddenly, in the dim road light, I spotted a young girl anxiously waiting beside her car, which supposedly had broken down.

Old memories stung my eyes, and I resolved to stop and help the poor soul. I stopped the car near her, and lowered the window. Oh my God! She’s just like her.

“Do you need lift, madam?” I asked tentatively.

Her expressions changed from surprise to shock to contemplation. Oh, even her eyes are so similar to her. Destiny is so enigmatic. As I was hopeful for her not to decline, she gave a brief nod. My prayers were answered.

She climbed in. I asked her destination. Hotel Jubilanta? I gasped! She has come back. My sweetheart has returned to her home. I am not a fool. Excitedly, I raced ahead, eager to reach home, as soon as possible.

I have waited for you so long. Let me have a proper look at you, my dear.

“You look so beautiful!” Of course, she does! After all, she’s mine. Look at the way she responds to the flattery with cute silence.

“So, are you new to the town?”

Oh, she is still on the business trip! Not any more! I won’t allow you to go away again. You must enjoy your life. Chill out. Party, if you want. But no more business trips!

I noticed her uneasiness. Wait, I have recognised her; why hasn’t she yet? She is my sweetheart, isn’t she? Oh, what if she’s not? No no no! She’s my only hope to prove to the society that I was right all along! To abate my tempest of doubts, I asked her her name.

Sakshi! I screamed jubilantly in my head! I am right! My euphoria became evident on my face. I was so pleased with myself. Her presence had rekindled all my hopes, calmed all my doubts, and will in no time refute my insanity. I was so happy.

Hey, why has she taken my newspaper? Well, let it be. She deserves it more. Any ways, we are going to stay together.
I took a right turn, and my home came in the sight. I stopped the car in front of the gate.

“Thank you so much, uncle!” What? Uncle? I gaped at her.

“I’m not your uncle, my sweetheart!”

She suddenly opened the door and swiftly walked away. What happened?

“Oye wait!”

Oh destiny, I curse you. Don’t you remember me, my sweetheart? I was about to scream at her, but her abrupt departure raged back my frustration. Maybe, she was just an ordinary girl and not my sweetheart! Because unlike this girl, my sweetheart would have surely remembered me. My daughter would have remembered me. When she comes back, she will! Oh yes, she’ll come back. I’m not a fool. She’ll come back! As I parked my car, and entered my bungalow adjacent to the hotel, tears trickled down my face. I won’t lose hope. I will wait for her, forever, if that’s what Destiny wants.

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By Manas Madrecha

Manas Madrecha is an Indian poet, author and Chartered Accountant from Mumbai, with a keen interest in poetry, storytelling, and Jainism.

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